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What is the production method of intermittent composite sheet?

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  • Time:2022-03-09
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  •   What is the production method of intermittent composite sheet?

      The so-called intermittent, multi-layer plate production, is the use of a foaming machine, the multi-layer plate mold for pouring foam molding. Low-pressure foaming machine can be used, and high-pressure foaming machine can also be used for pouring or infusion, and the pouring effect of the two equipment is not much different. The investment in high-pressure machine equipment is larger. The pouring head of the high-pressure machine itself can be cleaned without residue and cleaning liquid. However, it is difficult to achieve a cleaning process without residue and cleaning liquid in the plate production process. Because the pouring area of the plate is large, only relying on the pouring head itself, it is difficult to pour the mixture evenly in a short period of time, no matter how it moves. If the pouring is uneven, the foaming effect will be affected. In order to better solve this problem, a spraying head is generally used, and a liquid from the pouring head is sprayed to the plate mold faster and more evenly through the spraying head. In this way, the spray head must have residual material and must be cleaned.

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